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Crossing Sides, Ron&Draco, G-M, Part 1

Title: Crossing Sides

Author: Angela

Rating: Mature-Adult

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters’, but I do own my story.


Summary: Draco, Ron, Seamus, and Blaize used to be best friends, all thru child hood. Then Hogwarts comes. They’re excited and hope they get in the same house..knowing that if they don’t…..everything will be over. What happens when Draco and Blaize end up in Slytherian? And Ron and Seamus in Gryffindor…What happens when Ron has a secret that he’s not allowed to tell anyone? But does he actually remember what happened to him as a child when he played Truth or dare? Or did he block it out?


Author Note: I just got this idea and i'm very excited to share it with you guys. Please send me some love. I’ve had writers block for a long time. I got an idea to write a story when there kids from this story.  Everything Changes. It’s very very good. I definitely recommend it if you like Draco and Ron. Here is the URL http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1316405/1/





Part 1


It all started when Leon Malfoy had been in with an unknown disease. That’s when Ron Weasley and Seamus became best friends with Draco Malfoy and Blaize Zabinni. They were four years old when they met. One morning Ron Weasley went to the Malfoy Manor with his second oldest brother Charlie Weasley. Charlie was watching his youngest brother, while his parents were out for the day, when he received an important call from Lucius Malfoy. It was a job. He knew that their families hated each other, but Lucius Malfoy offered him a lot of money to help his father, and his family is very poor so he knew he could not say no to the offer. He made sure Ron dressed nicely, and after Ron grabbed his favorite toy stuffed bear, they were off to the Malfoy Manor.


Charlie decided to drive his car instead of floo and apperate. If he didn’t have young Ronald, he’d of floo. It took 20 minutes to get to the Malfoys gate, and several minutes later, after some groaning and complaining, they were let in. Apparently The Malfoys didn’t let their gate know that ‘The Weasleys’ were coming.


 He then parked, grabbed the keys to his car and got out.  “Come on buddy, let’s go.” Charlie said, gesturing Ron to get out of his car. He picked him up and placed him on the ground. Ron kept on holding his older brothers hand, while tightening his free arm around his bear. His eyes went wide as he noticed the place looked very scary.

“Lucius Malfoy has a son about your age. I’m sure that you’ll be able to play with young Malfoy. Aren’t you excited? I know that you wanted a friend.” Charlie said, smiling.


Ron was still not sure if he felt safe here, but he nodded, while smiling. Charlie then pet Ron’s hair and grabbed the door knocker that was in a shape of a snake and knocked on it. Ron saw a button on the side of the house and pressed it, curiously. His eyes bugged out at what happened. The snake came to life, lifting his face towards the boy and hissed. Ron shook scared. The snakes eyes glew and hissed again. Before the snake could do anything the door opened and showed a young lady. She looked at the boys and smiled.


“Hello. I’m Lilian. You may call me Lili if you’d like.” She said, smiling.”Come on in boys.” She said, gesturing them inside. “I’ll go get Mrs. Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy had to get to a meeting.” She eyed them. “Who may I say is looking for her?”


Charlie placed his hand in front of the lady, smiling and said, “I’m Charlie Weasley. I’m here to care for Leon Malfoy. And this here is my brother Ronald Weasley.” Charlie’s free hand pat Ronald’s back.


Ron’s eyes had managed to blink, and he said, “Hi ma’me.”


Lili smiled at the boy. “Hello young man. Let me go get Mrs. Malfoy now.” She walked off in search for the lady of the house.


“This house is huge Charlie. It’s like 3 of our houses.” Ron said, grinning. “It’s scary though. I hope I never get lost in here.” Ron said.


Charlie chuckled, “Yes the Malfoys are rich prepared to us. If we didn’t have so many kids we may have lived in a bigger house also. But I’d rather have you little munchkins then a huge house if you ask me”


Ron blinked, “Wh why?” He was confused.


“Because love is better then money.” Charlie said, as Narissa Malfoy walked down the stairs, with Lilian following her.


Narissa Malfoy eyed Charlie, looking him up and down, she then eyed the little guy in front of him. Her eyebrows went up at seeing the young boy. “Welcome to the Malfoy Manor. I’m Narissa Malfoy. Thank you for coming. You must be the Weasley boy.”


Charlie nodded, “Hi, you have a lovely home ma’me. And yes. I’m Charlie Weasley. This is my brother Ronald. I apologize for having him here with me ma’me, but you see I could not leave him at home alone. My family was out and I was watching him when Lucius Malfoy called me.”


Narissa clucked her tongue and nodded. “I see. But this is not something that a young boy would want to see.” She said, sighing. “Perhaps my son would not mind spending time with the boy.” Lilian walked up to them and cleared her throat. Narissa shot her servant and glare. “Yes Lilian. How may I help you?” She asked, obviously annoyed.


Lilian bit her lip and replied, “Well my son Seamus is upstairs. Most likely watching TV or sleeping. If you’d like my son would play with little Ronald.”


Narissa scoffed, “Very well. I don’t care, as long as he’s no where in site. My son is having a friend come over in a little anyway.” She said, eyeing Charlie. “Follow me Weasley.”She then started walking away without another glance.


Ron frowned, hugging his brother tightly. Charlie eyed the lady, “thank you Ma’me.” He said and then looked down at the boy hugging him.  “Hey buddy, don’t be scared. I’m sure that the other boys will love you. You’re very loveable. But I have to go now hun. Have fun.” Charlie said, kissing his brothers head, and untangling him with his brother and walked off to follow Narissa Malfoy, who was ahead of him. He sighed and hoped that he did not get into something stupid and regret it.


Lilian bent down towards the boy and gave him a sweet smile. “You really do not have anything to worry about. I’m sure that Seamus will love you. I sadly will admit that he has no friends. With me working here, and us living here, we don’t get out and about much. I’m sure you two will have lots of things in common Ronald. Now come on and lets go see my son okay? “She stood up, grabbing Ronald’s hand, squeezing it and smiled.  Ron nodded and walked with her upstairs to the workers floor.


Lilian then said her name and the door opened. She pulled Ronald into her corridor. “It’s not much, but its home.” She said.


“Are you kidding me? Its bigger then three of my bedrooms at home put together.” Ron said, sighing.


Lilian frowned at the boy and gestured him to walk in more. “Seamus honey are you awake?” She called out to the boy. She looked around for her son and did not see him. She sighed, “Come on baby. Come out. Mommy has to go back to work.”


A few minutes later a boy that looked much like his mother came out. Ronald Weasley eyed the boy up and down, taking him all in. He had no friends and didn’t really know many people outside of his family. This was the first boy his age that he had met. Seamus had black hair, which was wet from the shower, and green eyes. He was about the same height as Ron. And he also had nothing on. Not even a towel. Where as Ronald had red hair, green eyes, tall for his age and lots of freckles.


“Hey mommy. Ahhhh.”Seamus said, grabbing his tiny pee pee. He groaned, seeing the other boy and sighed. “Mommy, why didn’t you warn me?” He pouted.


Lilian frowned, “I’m sorry Seamus. This here is young Ronald Weasley. He’s here today and I’d like you to play with him. Be nice to him. No pranks. And no making fun. I have to go back to work honey. Get dressed and remember to be nice. I’ll call out later for lunch.”Lilian said, eyeing the boys, smiling and hurried back to work.


Seamus eyed the young boy in front of him and grinned. “Hello Ronnie. Come in and sit down on the sofa, while I get dressed.” He said, walking to his bedroom and quickly putting on a change of clothes. He put on a white t-shirt, even though he most likely will dirty it up in the first half of an hour he wore it, and he also wore some blue jean shorts. He put on some white socks and some black shoes and ran back to the other boy who was looking the place over. “How olds are yous? I’m 4 years old.” He said.


Ron looked at the boy, smiling relived that he was wearing some clothes. “I’m 4 years old also.” His cheeks grew red, blushing, biting his lip, getting shy all of a sudden.


Seamus grinned, “So what do you like to do for fun Ronnie?”


Ron blushed again at his new nickname. “Eh I duno Seamon”He giggled, when Seamus’s eyes grew wide. “What bouts yous?”


“Eh play dough. Play with bugs. Chase chocolate frogs and eat em. Cause trouble.” He giggled. “Ohh and I love to eat.”


“I love to eat also. And I love chocolate frogs. There my favorite food ever.” Ron said, smiling. He then frowned. “What’s play doughy?”


Seamus’s eyes went wide. “What? You’ve never heard of play dough? Geeze what do you play with kid?” He asked, eyeing his teddy bear.


Ron frowned and hugged his bear tighter. “We have lots of little kids at my home and not much paper.” he said, talking about money.


Seamus nodded, biting his lip, not knowing what to say. “Right. Well it’s very colorful; it comes in lots of different colors. And you play with it, with your hands. You can build things with it. Make your favorite animal or something like that. Wanna play?” He asked.


“Ohhh yes please. It sounds so much fun.” Ron said, grinning, excited. His hands clapped, not realizing he dropped his teddy bear.


Seamus laughed, and picked up his teddy. “Alright, let me go get a few colors. I’ll be right back. Go sit down somewhere.” He said, running off to get at least 5 colors of play dough. Red. Green. Blue. Yellow and gray. He then sat down with Ron. They both played with play dough for awhile. Ronald was having lots of fun. He had not had that much fun in awhile. Seamus made a snake with green and grey play dough, as Ronald made his teddy bear with red and yellow. Of course since they are little kids, it didn’t turn out perfect or anything. Very sloppy actually.


Ronald giggled. “Mine looks like a gingerbread cookie.” He said.


Seamus groaned, “Now I want some food.” He said, rubbing his belly, pouting.


“Oy I’m sorry. I shouldn’t’ve said anything.” Ron said.


“Oy its okay. Lunch is here soon.” Seamus said, smiling, playing some more.





Next: Draco and Blaize.

Some Pranks.




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