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The Worst Betrayal, Ron& Draco, Adult, Part 1

Title:The Worst Betrayal
Author: Angela

Rating: M-AM

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter Stories, because if I did It’d be called Ron Weasley and not Harry Potter. And Ron would be with Draco. Lol.


Characters: Draco/Ron (Harry and Hermione are not a main couple…..)


Summer: On Christmas feast, Hermione and Harry tell something important to Ronald. Ronald feels betrayed and broken hearted. What is that something?


Author Note: This is going to be a short story. Probably, only one or two more parts. I apologize if you love Harry and Herm…because in this story there’s some bashing.


Author Note 2: Please send me some love. I know that my grammar is not perfect, sorry. But I’m not asking you to correct it or bitch at it. I want to know what you think of my story, not the grammar. It really means a lot to me when I hear others thoughts on my stories. It helps me to write more faster, gives me lots of confidence. And I do not know that many Harry Potter fans that read stories so please send me some love. 




Part 1


I was sitting down during dinner, with my two best friends, Harry and Hermione. My mouth stuffed with mashed potatoes, while my hands were busy ripping some of my chicken meat from its bone. I swallow my potatoes, shove some white meat into my mouth, chew it, and swallow. I then grab my wine goblet and splash some of it down my throat, enjoying the taste. My eyes gaze around the room, taking in the Christmas decorations. Looking at the pretty, White Christmas Tree, with A singing Angel on top of the tree. The tree was huge and gorgeous. His eyes then gazed the rest of the room, seeing some Christmas lights around the room, nutcrackers, snow flakes that are very sparkly. He then gazed around the table he was sitting at. Since it was the Christmas feast, there were not many people there. Besides for Hermione Harry, and him, there were a few others. Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, Blaize, Malfoy, Seamus, Dean, the twins, Neville, Ginny, Cedric, Snape, Hagrid, and Dumbledore. Everyone else went home for the Holidays to there families. Some of the people here tonight, chose not to go, some were forced to say. His siblings, him and Harry were all forced to stay here, Hermione decided to stay just for us.


Uh oh, there I go about thinking of Hermione again. I gaze at her, seeing her brunette hair. I smile; I’d love to run my fingers thru her bushy hair. My eyes gaze down towards her cute button nose and inwardly giggle. She’s so cute. I take in her mouth and my mouth waters. Oh how I’d love to kiss her. How I’d love to make her mine. She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. I’ve fancied her for years. I’ve not told anyone but the twins and Harry. Though it does not take a genius to know how I feel. I know that lots others can tell. Its quite obvious. I don’t know how stupid Hermione can be, not to know.


I can’t help but sigh and frown, just thinking about how long I’ve been too much of a coward to tell her how I feel. The twins are always trying to help me get her. At first they were just teasing, and then they actually were happy to help me. Its, not that I’m embarrassed, because I’m not. I care for her so much; heck I think that I love the gal.  Sometimes she acts like she hates me. She’s always starting fights with me. So when I decide that I am getting sick of being lonely and wanna tell her about my true feelings, before I do she snaps at me. Either I’ve not done my homework, or my hair is not combed. Always, something. Sometimes I think that she just deals with me for Harry. That saddens me. Also angers me. My best friend gets everything that I want. I’m just his sidekick. His, best friend that nobody notices.


Ha I think the only person that does notice me is Malfoy. Sometimes I catch the lad looking at me. I just glare back, not knowing if he’s glaring at me or not, I just know that he hates me, so that I make cruel faces back at him. Though, sometimes I think that Malfoy is gay. Because, he hates Harry. Probably even more then he hates me, and I never see him glare or eye him as much as he looks at me. Maybe he fancies me. Ha wouldn’t that be something. I can’t get my Mione to like me, but I can get my biggest enemy to want me. That’s a fucking riot. I inwardly snort. Wait, I see Malfoy smirking, so that means that I really did snort. I hide my face in my plate and shove more food in my mouth.



I hear someone clear there throat and ignore them. I’m not going to allow anyone to ruin my Hermione thoughts. I smile. I then hear another clearing of someone’s throat a little louder this time. I was going to ignore it again, until I felt someone stab there finger in my sides, trying to get my attention. I quickly shallow my food, sip my wine and turn towards the person who poked me. It was Hermione. I smiled at her brilliantly. She was wearing a gorgeous red dress, and a pretty heart necklace. I vagulary ,wonder whom had given it to her. Was it her muggle parents? Probably. Because I don’t see why a pretty girl like herself, would buy herself a heart charm. Kinda silly, if you ask me. That is something a lover should give you. Or someone that loves you.


 I shake my head out of my thoughts and wiped my mouth and look at her and Harry who seems to be watching us, looking kinda guilty. His forehead was sweating. I put that back in my head and decide to ask him later on what is wrong. I am not stupid. I know that something is wrong. He seemed very nervous. It was kinda scaring me.


“Yes Mione? Did you want to tell me something?” I asked and then saw her let out a happy giggle. I placed my hand on my face. “Oh no, buggar, did I get some food on my face?” I wrinkled my nose, hoping that I did not. She just let out another giggle, shaking her head no. I bit my lip, frowning, not sure why she is so happy. “Then what is it? Spit it out. I dun have all day long Hermione.” I said, kinda annoyed at the looks that my two best friends were giving me. One was so happy and one was guilty. Uh-oh. This was big.


Hermione blushed and spat out, “Oh Ron, I’ve gotten myself a boyfriend. Aren’t you happy for me?” She giggled, and placed her hair back, behind her hair, smiling wide.


When, I heard that my heart clenched, not sure what to think of it. Did I just hear right? My Hermione. My Mione has a boyfriend? No, that can’t be. I shake my head. Nope I won’t accept that. I must be hearing things. Too much wine. I ask her to repeat herself.


She giggled, “Ronald Weasley, Your Hermione has a boyfriend now. I’m so happy. Never been this happy before.” She clapped her hands together, covering her mouth with one hand and giggled. I’ve never seen or heard her this happy before. It actually makes me sick.


Oh my freaking god. I’ve heard her right. My pretty lamb has gotten a boyfriend. I open and close my mouth several times, seeing some people watching us, hearing there chatters die. It was silent. Everyone was trying to see how I’d react to this. I honestly was not really sure how I should react. My heart was in pain right now. I’ve never felt this way before and I hate it. Oh what the hell. It’s not like anyone does not know that I’m a selfish, jealous bastard.


My eyes turn at shoot daggers in her eyes and I spat, “Who? Who is the guy you’re dating now Hermione?” I asked, having a feeling of who it was. The person that is sweating, and looking nervous and guilty. He would not look at me. I new it was that bastard. That betraying bastard.


She must’ve not of notice my hot stare. She was to happy to notice that I’m broken. “Why it’s Harry of course. Who else would it be?” She giggled.


My hands clenched into two tight fists, my face turned red with anger, and I put a scowl on my face. My eyes gazed around the table and saw everyone watching me with sympathy. Some watched me amused, dying to see how I’d react. How fucking stupid can Hermione be? Everyone here knows that I fancy her. She’s my best friend. I really must not mean a damn thing to her, that she’d not notice my feelings for her. And Harry. Harry knows how I feel. He knows that all I ever talk about is her. He, new all along. Oh my god, I hate him. I’ve never hated someone as much as I hate him right now. He is dead to me. I bite my lip and glare at them both. “How long?” I spat out.


Hermione noticed that time that I was angry. She frowned and said, “6 months.”


I scowled, deeper, my face turning even more red if possible. “WHAT?” I shouted.


Hermione jumped, and Harry gently said, “6 Months Ron. We got together when we went to visit you this summer.” He blushed, knowing he was in deep shit now. The smug bastard just could not look at me.


I heard several gasps, a few scoffs, a few sniggers and a few sighs.


I picked up my wine glass, chugged it down and I was so angry that the glass broke into my hand, causing my hand to bleed. I didn’t notice the pain. My heart was too hurt to care about a little blood. Hermione noticed that I was bleeding and frowned, scooting closer to take care for my hand.


“Ohhh Ron, you’re bleeding. Here let me help you.” Hermione said, grabbing my hand and a clean napkin.


I tore my hand out of her hand and glared at Hermione and Harry. “Get your bloody hands off of me.”


Goyle snorted, “But your hand is the one that is bleeding.”


Crabbe laughed, “Ya you dumb-ass.”


Draco slapped them both on there back of there heads while Blaize glared at them and yelled at them to shut up. I blocked them and everyone else out. Still, gazing at my two so-called-best-friends.



“But, Ron. I was only trying to help.” She whispered, frowning.


Harry held on to her free hand, giving her a squeeze for support. “Ya Ron, she was only being nice.”


I laughed, “She was only trying to help? Is that so? Do you honestly think that I am worried about my friggering hand bleeding right now? My bloody heart is broken, its bleeding right now. And you both think that I’m worried about my fucking hand?”


“But,Ronald, why is your heart broken? You should be happy for us. We’re in love.” Hermione insisted.


Love? What a croak. I let out a loud laugh, everyone in the room winced at the sound. Everyone new it was fake. There was no happiness in my laughter at all. “Why is my heart broken, Hermione asks?” I said to myself laughing more. I then snort, mimicking her, “We’re in love.” I shake my head in disgust.


 “In love Mione? Really? That is funny that you two are in love. Its funny how my backstabbing best friend, new that I was in love with you Mione for years and all I ever did was gossip about you, smiling and giggling, always so happy when I talked about you. And my best friend has been shagging you for half of a year. Ha you probably even shagged in my bed.” Mione blushed at that and I new it was true.


 I bit my lip for a half of a second and then glared at Harry. “How the bloody hell could you do it Harry? You new, since day one that I’ve loved her. That she was MY MIONE. You’ve never liked her this way. You’ve always like Cho. I’m the one whom fancied Hermione. I’m the one who’d do anything for her. “I shook my head in disgust and spat out, “Even if she did like you a little, and you didn’t like her at all, you should not of went out with her. You new that, that would kill me.” I stood up and started pacing back in forth. “HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU DO IT HARRY? YOU WERE MY BEST MATE! MY FIRST FREAKING FRIEND. WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS?”


“I was lonely.” Harry said, pathetically. He new it was a pathetic answer. So did Hermione and everyone else.


I snorted. “You were lonely? How freaking rich. My heart is breaking right now, because my best friend was lonely.” I said and added, “Then why the heck didn’t you ask Cho out? She liked you. Instead you had to start dating my girl.”  I walked up to him and glared down at his face. “You know that I hate you now, dontcha? That nothing that you say or do will ever make me change my mind about both of you.”


Hermione whispered, “Both of us?”


I turn around and glared at her, “Yes both of you. I can’t believe how fucking stupid you are Mione. It does not take a genius to know how I feel about you. Heck the whole bloody school knows about it. I reckoned that you would’ve discovered it when I was jealous about Victor Krum and you. Didn’t you ever wonder how I can idolize him one second and want to pound his face in the other second?”


“I thought you were just being my friend.” She whispered. “Looking, out for me.”


I laughed, “No Mione, I was a jealous bastard. I wanted to kill the guy. I hated seeing his eyes on you and kissing you. I was jealous because I thought of you as mine.”


She blushed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know Ron.”


I snarl at her, “Of course you didn’t know. You’re so bloody stupid. You’re the smartest freaking person in this school Hermione but you’re also the dumbest. You can’t even read your best friends mind. Tell that he fancies you? How freaking Pathetic. You may be the smartest person in this school, but you’re also the one with the thickest head.”


“Now Ron, we know that your hurt, and that you hate us, but you have no right to talk to my girlfriend that way. She had not known your feelings for her. It’s not her fault that you didn’t tell her.” Harry started, but I cut him off with a glare.


“Don’t you freaking talk to me, you backstabbing arsehole. You haven’t the right to speak one word to me after what you’ve done.” I spat, making my fist tighter, walking up to him. “ I want nothing to do with you anymore Harry. We are no longer friends. I’m no longer on your side.” I said, knowing he didn’t know what I meant about that.


“Oh Ronald Weasley, you do not mean that.” Hermione said, squeezing Harry’s hand.


I let out a laugh, “Oh don’t I? I think that I do. And Mione? I don’t want anything to do with you anymore either. We are no longer friends. I hope that you’re happy with Harry. Because I’ve just realized that you’re nothing but a filthy, mudblood, trallop.” I spat, smirking when I saw Hermione burst out in tears. “Aww is the mudblood crying? How cute. Maybe your dog Harry will lick your tears off.” I said smirking.


 I snarled at Harry and spat, “You can have her, I don’t want that filth anyway. I hope you two are miserable together.” I spat, punching Harry hard in the face, laughing when his glasses broke. “Oy I’ve always wanted to do that. Be the one whose broken your glasses.”


I heard Malfoy, the twins; Snape and a few others snigger at that. I then hit you in the nose, enjoying when I hear a crack. I laugh when I see Hermione gasp, and tend to Harry.  I then turned away, walking away, smirking when I hear my twins yelling at him and hearing a few punches. I then hear a loud smack and know that my dear little sister must’ve smacked Hermione. Yes. Those back stabbing friends are getting what they deserve. I continue walking out, not noticing that some people are following me.

Geeze, what a great Christmas.






Next: Who are the people following Ron? There are a few.

Someone kisses Ron.

But who is it? You’ll be very surprised who it is.


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