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Untitled, Ron& Draco, Mature, Prologue-Part 1

Title: Untitled


Rating: mature/adult

Disclamior: I do now own any of the harry potter or lord of the ring charactors. This is a fanfiction.


Summary: Sometimes bad happens to Draco. What happens when Ron is the one that finds him. Will he disown him like Dracos family has…..or will he take him in and care for him?


Warning: Rape….abuse.





Prologue: December 10th



That night there was shouting. Lots of fighting. Loud noises. Glass items being destroyed. Slapping. Punching. Biting. Kicking. More yelling. Tears.


Draco Malfoy bearly had any time to stop it from happening. One second his father, brother and him were fighting, and the next second he was being shoved across his fathers desk. His body forcing all of his fathers items on the floor with a loud bang. The next thing happens all so fast that he bearly had enough time to blink his eyes.  Draco Malfoy heard a zipper. Whose zipper was it? He could not recall. He was so scared that he couldn’t feel his pants being ripped off, right after his boots. His eyes were wide in shock, with tears in them, tears that were afraid to fall.


The next thing he new was he heard two more zippers being pulled down. His body is being forced upwards and a hard organ is being forced in his anus, tearing him apart. Making him scream and bleed. Sure he was into men. He loved men a lot actually. But he was not feeling any kind of pleasure at all as the man raped him.


He didn’t even know who it was at first. That was until his brother Tom Riddle Malfoy walked infront of him and grabbed his hair pulling his mouth up and forced his penis in his mouth. That was when he new that his father, Lucious Malfoy was the one raping him and tearing him apart. And that was when he new that his brother, the brother that he once felt so close with would rape him after his father, and then after his father had his way with him again. He new they’d keep on going until they past out. All he could do is pray that when they were finished, that he’d still be alive.  And he also new that if he lived thru this, that his life would change forever. He’d no longer be Draco Malfoy. He’d be lost.


Hours later of being tortured, raped, and beaten the famous Draco Malfoy was thrown in the cold winter city of England. To be frozen to death in an alley.





Part 1: December 12th



Ron Weasley, and his brothers Fred, George and Percy were walking around of the city of England. They were all on winter break from there school Hogworts. With Christmas coming by so fastly, they decided to go shopping for there parents and there sister Ginny.  So they were all walking around the city, laughing and joking, holding some bags of gifts and having fun. They were always too busy to spend time together, with school and them in different classes and all, so it was good to spend time together as a family again.



“Hey Ron, did you ever figure out what you were going to give to Hermione mate?” Percy asked, curious.


Fred smirked, “Ah I think the young git should get her one of those muggle things. You know the thing that girls use batteries for? And that they put in there….”He was cut off with a gasp from Ron and a shove from him as well.


George chuckled and said, “Naw bro, how about a erotic magical book? She loves to read. And just looking at her you can tell that the young girl is pure as a banana.”


Fred laughed at what his twin brother said. “Speaking of bananas…”He got cut off again and he glared at his brother.


“Would you gits stop? Gees, your bloody agivating me. I never said I’s liked Hermione that way.”Ron said, groaning with his fingers rubbing his eyes.


George smirked, “Ah okay bro. I guess your right. We’ll stop bugging you.”



“So you like bananas then?”Fred asked, as Percy hit him over the head. “Ohhhh bugger that hurt Percy.”He glared at his brother.


“Good, I’m glad. You and your twin brother can be so bloody annoying sometimes.”Percy said.



Ron laughed, “Sometimes? Try all of the time.” He sighed.


“Oh your just jealous that you do not have someone that you shared an egg with and that is better looking then you.” Fred said, smirking. Not realizing that he said George was better looking.


Ron rolled his eyes, Percy snorted and George laughed.


“What a git, he just admitted that George was the hotter twin.” Ron snorted.


Georges eyes went wide and he grinned, “Wow twin, thankyou for finally admitting that I’m the hotter of the two of us.”


Fred, but his lip looking confused for a minute or two and then he hit his head with his hand and groaned. George laughed and hit it as well. Ron shrugged and hit his head also. Percy followed. Fred rubbed his bruised head and glared at them. “Hey bugger off. That bloody hurt.” He groaned.


“Oh did it hurt? It was supposed to feel very good.” Ron said.


“Really?” Fred asked, smiling.


George laughed, “No not really. Gee Fred you seem to be even more stupid tonight. Did you drink the rest of that ale from last night?”


Fred frowned as his brother called him stupid. “Hey, I’m not stupid. And no.”


“No, your just dumb.” Percy said and Fred nodded in agreement while his brothers laughed.



Ron sighed, “Anyway, back to Hermione, I do not like her that way. And no I am not going to give her any female toys for um……….”He bit his lip and groaned. “I’ll probably just buy her a lovely bracelet or something. Or, a bloody fiction story. That girl needs to read something more fun for a change.”



Fred snorted, “Okay if ya say so bro.” The boys laughed and kept on walking.






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