July 29th, 2007

house balloon

Looking for one more roomie...

It turns out that one of the girls who was suppose to be staying with us works nights and therefore will only be crashing in the room during the day.

Therefore, we've decided that it only makes sense for us to open our room to someone else...

We're staying at the Sheraton and have the room booked from Wednesday-Sunday.

The cost of the room will be split as such:
Wednesday the cost will be split 3 (maybe 4) ways.
Thursday & Friday it'll be split 5.
Saturday it will be split 6. (This is because we're housing a guest for the ball.)

What we're looking for:
-A girl
-non-smoker/non-drug user
-any age is fine but just so you know we're all 20-21
-respectful (in the sense that they need to be quiet when people are sleeping since one of us is a very sensitive sleeper.)
-no alcohol in the room

And since there are 5 of us in the room, there is a possibility in a change of sleeping arrangements. You may have to spend a night on the couch or a cot.

Either leave a comment here, or email me at audible_odyssey@hotmail.com if you're interested or have any questions. I can also be reached via AIM: WonWonWins